underground greenhouse belle idée pour ombrage naturel pour serre. Choisir un arbre à feuilles légères pour qu'elles partent facilement au vent / un arbre qui ne s'éfondrera pas facilement / et qui laissera passer la lumière l'hivers : charmille etc
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Do not use flexible corrugated perforated plastic drain pipe in a French drain
plastic tin roof | Cedar framed pergola with a clear fiberglass corrugated roof.
She greets us at the door with shy hugs. The kids leave and return with plastic lawn chairs to supplement the tattered gold sofa. She wants us to sit. There are no windows, so we strain to see, strain to hear her heart through the rhythm of the rain as it pulses on the corrugated tin roof, crescendos and …
Filled with water and snugly inserted into custom-cut holes in a roof, plastic bottles refract the sun's rays, scattering about 55 watts of light across a would-be pitch black room.
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