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Fausse Couche Cause

Coyoacàn, 1931. Frida Kahlo a 23 ans. A cet âge, « Frida l’estropiée » comme on l’appelait en classe à cause d’une poliomyélite, a déjà été victime de son terrible accident de bus, subit de multiples opérations, sa première fausse-couche et les douleurs perpétuelles qui l’assaillent sont ses pires ennemies. Mais elle trouve un moyen d’échapper à tout cela et de laisser son esprit vagabonder un peu le temps d’une parenthèse : la peinture.


Les pièges des aliments sans gluten. Prudence ! Les aliments industriels sans gluten ont souvent un index glycémique élevé

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Histoire touchante, une femme de 61 ans enceinte de son propre petit-fils

Cette grand-mère a accepté d'être la mère porteuse de l'enfant de sa fille pour cause d'infertilité de la jeune . Susan Casey et Bill Connell se sont mariés et voulait avoir un enfant. Après une fausse couche et des jumeaux m

"Dear Science, I knew it was love the first time I looked through that microscope and saw the red and white blood cells. How cool is that?" -- A love letter to science by APHL's Director of Marketing and Membership


False Memory Archive: Damage caused to the walls of The Freud Museum London by previous art exhibitions © A.R. Hopwood  The works collectively explore where the truth lies in a ‘false’ recollection, while questioning how a blend of fact and fiction can be used to challenge assumptions about memory.

Mars ~ This false-color image of the north polar layered deposits has been processed to emphasize color variations, showing that the color as well as texture/ morphology varies from layer to layer. Some of the color variations may be caused by small amounts of water frost on the surface, or they may be due to variations in dust composition within the layered deposits. Such changes may have been caused by volcanic eruptions or local weather phenomena when the layers were deposited.

Myth: Greasing your hair/scalp will help hair growth. TRUE and FALSE: We all need to keep our hair moisturized to prevent dryness and breakage. However; most products that contain mineral oil/petroleum jelly are heavy and will actually clog pores, cause build up and do more bad than good.

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Record hole in ozone layer 'no cause for alarm'

Record hole in ozone layer no cause for alarm | UN weather and climate agency says hole over Antarctica is larger due to colder stratosphere but will shrink again

Moqui balls Moqui balls are made of a sandstone kernel, surrounded by a hematite-iron layer. They come from iron meteorites hitting the earth, causing a rain of small particles that hit the sand.sounds.. They are protection against evil eye, keeps "false Friends" a far protection against fire/floods and lightning etc