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Bricolages et activités faciles à faire avec les enfants

Sucre d'orge


A hot cereal designed specifically to meet your weight management needs. A whole grain blend of oats, wheat, barley, and quinoa, for a great nutty taste and multi-texture experience.

Homemade Orgeat Syrup. (Almond and Orange flower water syrup) So Wonderful in a glass of water with Ice. My mom used to give me this treat as a kid.


Published on July 12, 2016 (Impure thoughts... 'Integrity', Quote from desc:"Since the late 1990's medical literature has identified two genetic sub-types of beta casein in cow's milk." ...wait, casein was first studied at the "Brain BioCenter" in Princeton NJ in the 1980's, New Zealand or Australia had nothing to do with it. The breed of Cattle predominantly found in New Zealand 'Bovine' produce A2-Beta Casein. BCM7 'A1-Beta Casomorphin' is from 'Holstein' cattle which has more to do with…

Eggless Barley flour doughnut muffins - #BreadBakers | I Camp in my Kitchen


Sweetener Glycemic Index Stevia <1*** Agave Syrup 11* Fructose 22** Brown Rice Syrup 25*** Barley Malt 42*** Maple Syrup 54* Blackstr...

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Spicy Avocado Hummus

Hand Lotion

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Can money buy happiness? The relationship between money and well-being



Liquid Stout Soap - Liquid Stout Soap made with a Michigan brewed stout beer and is an indulgent cleansing, lathering, and moisturizing experience. The barley, hops and sugars contained in the stout add a great creamy lather to this soap. It is gentle and mild and cleans away all those nasties without stripping.