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This section ESFJ Personality gives a basic overview of the personality type, ESFJ. For more information about the ESFJ type, refer to the links below or on the sidebar.

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Rapunzel - ESFJ. Visit for more Disney princess types

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Why is this so accurate?

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ESFJs are some of the warmest, most nurturing of all the personality types. They are called The Caregivers by many typologists, and it’s not hard to see why. ESFJs strive for kindness in all their interactions and love to create harmony and structure in their outer worlds. They are practical and organized, with a great desire …

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ESFJ Personalities focus on the outside world and assess their experiences subjectively. They seek structured, controlled environments and dislike disorder.

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ESFJ Problems: 21 Struggles All ESFJs Will Understand

What Experts Will Never Tell You About Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type (MBTI) - check link for more info

ESFJ Relationships -service-oriented -prioritize family -committed -responsible -need positive affirmation

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