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Erza armure acier

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Erza Scarlet, Survivor of the Tower of Heaven, S-Class Mage, The Knight, Titania Queen of the Fairies, Re-quip Mage, Seventh Guild Master, Member of Team Natsu, Fairy Tail Mage

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erza venant de battre les 100 montres

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Erza Scarlet/Anime Gallery

Erza Scarlet - I don't know who this girl is, but she looks kinda like my Ronin Yoshino... :/

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"I only have to be strong enough to protect my friends." -Erza| Now I noticed that Natsu&Lucy are together and so is Gray&Juvia

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Erza tenant son épée, avec le reflet de Jellal… ~ Erza SCARLET • Jellal FERNAND ~ Fairy Tail

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dibujo - anime …

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The Fairy's Tales — Erza’s personal data from Monthly Fairy Tail...

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Elles se detestaient il y avait 6 ans. Maintenant elles sont très proches l'une de l'autre

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