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Ernest Hemingway (21 juillet 1899 – 2 juillet 1961), l’un des plus grands auteurs américains représentant de la « Génération Perdue », a bouleversé la littérature avec des œuvres magistrales telles que Le vieil homme et la mer. Dans cette lettre adressée à son père, l'écrivain s'explique sur sa vie intime compliquée et ses amours multiples, source d'intensité mais aussi de responsabilités difficiles à gérer.


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Freddie Germanos(1934-1999) was one of the most loved Greek journalists& authors.He was presenting "Alati kai piperi" where famous Greeks could discuss everything.All of his books were best-sellers.'Tereza',the last of his great books ,was about the true love story of Ernest Hemingway with Greek model Picasso Tereza. He refused to write the biography of Melina Mercouri because she was one of his best friends.Ηe is greatly missed, because of his talent and personality.

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3rd wife. Martha Gellhorn was a distinguished war correspondent who covered every war that occurred across the globe over a period extending nearly 60 yearsShe met Ernest Hemingway in Key West in 1936. Married 1940-1945.Gellhorn resented her reflected fame as Hemingway's third wife, remarking that she had no intention of "being a footnote in someone else's life." As a condition for granting interviews, she was known to insist that Hemingway's name not be mentioned