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Eric Sykes: classic quotes

"Some people walk on stage and the audience warms to them. You can’t explain it, and you shouldn’t try. It's an arrogant assumption to say you ‘decide’ to become a comedian. The audience decides for you.”

from the Guardian

Eric Sykes dies aged 89

Eric Sykes, British comedian, dies age 89, 4 July 2012. "If you understand comedy, you understand life. Drama, death, tragedy – everybody has these. But with humour you've got all these, and the antidote. You have found the answer. It doesn't follow that because you are a good comedy writer, you're a happy fellow. I've got one of the most miserable faces in the world. I am only happy when I am working. If I'm not working, I get screwed up because my time is going, my life is slipping by."


The Plank (1967) - Eric Sykes & Tommy Cooper. Brilliant, virtually silent, comedy film starring some of Britain's best loved comic actors.


Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques play brother and sister living together - can't remember the name

Eric Sykes Comedian and Actor with Hattie Jaques Actress Rehearsing a Sketch For a TV Show.