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Epernay Champagne

Château de Boursault, Champagne-Ardenne, Marne, France - © Lionel Lourdel / Photononstop

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Cathedrale de Troyes, Champagne-Ardenne

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Charlotte aux Poires et Biscuits roses de Reims #Biscuitsroses Champagne Ardenne- Source : Le Zeste de Cuisine

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Chateau Perrier - Epernay, Champagne-Ardenne

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La montagne de Reims est riche en paysages divers, les points de vues sont nombreux car les plateaux sont très découpés. Hautvillers situé en bord de Marne près d'Epernay est le berceau du champagne. Les très nombreuses enseignes sont une particularité...

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ANCIEN RELAIS DE POSTES INN (Former Relay Stations Inn) in Epernay, France

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Balade photographique à Hautvillers. France.Les enseignes 1. - Le blog photo de Deconinck Roland

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I cannot find this sign anywhere, but all the links lead to the Champagne Valley of France. "Hautvillers is a small village not far from Epernay. Founded in 658, it is the birthplace of champagne. It is so named for a legendary figure of Champagne lived there in the seventeenth century, it is of course Dom Perignon."

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Vignobles de Moet et Chandon - Champagne Ardenne, France... Inspiration for your Paris vacation from Paris Deluxe Rentals

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France April 10, 2010 , Written by Roland Deconinck The Montagne de Reims is rich in diverse landscapes, the views are as many trays are cut. Hautvillers located on the Marne near Epernay is the birthplace of champagne. The many signs are a feature of this village.

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