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apple stenciled with Teddy Roosevelt's face


The Tree with the Apple Tattoo - In 2007, Cincinnati-based artist Jane Alden Stevens spent four months in Japan, documenting the extraordinary attention its orchardists put into growing perfectly beautiful apples. In addition to culling blossoms to reduce over-crowding and ensure regular, large fruit, and then hand-pollinating them using powder-puff wands, Japanese farmers put a double-layer of wax paper bags around their baby apples for most of the growing season.


because apple skin develops its color by receiving sunlight, blocking light from it can create a sort of tattoo on the skin. or, you know, you can develop photos on it! my mind is blown. (categorize under: great things i came across while procrastinating on copyediting)

L’ensachage (fruit bagging) / In Suzanne Freidberg’s wonderful book, Fresh, which describes the efforts of the nineteenth-century fruit-growers of Montreuil to “brand” their apples for the novelty-seeking Parisian luxury market.


"Fruit Marking"....With the use of bagging and stenciling apples can be grown on the tree imprinted with tattoos and logos by the sun. Bagging can produce apples that are completely white.

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Million to one apple is half red, half green

Ken Morrish, 72, of Colaton Raleigh, Devon, did a double take when he grew a Golden Delicious apple split down the middle - one half was gre...


The Société Régionale d’Horticulture de Montreuil appears to be successfully reviving the lost art for today’s hobbyists and home gardeners. Their album of recent successes includes swirling dragons and tribal imagery worthy of any would-be Ink Master; a twenty-first century apple is more likely to sport a Che tattoo than a king or tsar.