Voici la plus rapide et la plus facile façon d'éplucher un épi de maïs!
Works perfectly!  Removing the husk and silk from an ear of corn is a chore, and a “corn de-silker” gadget that we tested proved to be a bust. But now we’ve found a better way: A short stint in the microwave and a quick shake are all it takes to cleanly slide off the corn husk and silk. The cob will heat up a bit, but the kernels won’t be cooked.
Utilisez une brosse à dents propre pour enlever les fils de soie des épis de maïs.
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How-to Shuck Corn
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Just read that microwave corn in the cob is excellent. Found a pin, now just have to remember to try it this summer!
Features:  -Bristles are perfect for removing silk.  -Double sided blade cuts in both directions.  -For left or right handed users.  -Dishwasher safe.  Product Type: -Peeler.  Finish: -Yellow, Gray.
Another great find on #zulily! Corn De-Silking Brush by Harold Import Co. #zulilyfinds
Super easy way to cook corn
Corn De-silker | Every week Real Simple shares six smart problem-solving products. Here are the 40 most popular gadgets according to our Pinterest followers.
Did the microwave trick--not a single silk remained. Woohoo! This one is a keeper.
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Corn Silk Remover
Swiftly and smoothly remove the silk from cobs of corn with this flexible de-silker that catches strands without damaging the corn kernels.
3 minute corn on the cob. Step 1- cut off the silk and put in microwave, 1 ear at a time, and microwave for 3 minutes. Step 2- using oven mitts, remove from microwave and cut off about 1 inch from the stalk end. Step 3- slowly squeeze from the silk end until the corn/cob is completely out and wa-la! Cleaned and cooked corn on the cob ready to butter and salt. Nothing beats Iowa sweet corn!