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Juana Galán; nicknamed La Galana (1787 - 1812), was a guerrilla fighter of the Peninsular War (1808–1814). The other women poured hot water through the windows and boiling hot oil on the road, while Galán was armed with a baton. She took to the street to fight against the French cavalry. Through this battle, the French army abandoned the province of La Mancha.


Annie Maunder, née Russell (1868–1947) was an Irish astronomer & mathematician. In 1891 Russell joined the Greenwich Royal Observatory, serving as one of the "lady computers" assigned to the solar department at a salary of 4£/month. In 1916 she became the first woman elected to the Royal Astronomical Society after the bar on women was lifted, 20 years after she was first proposed. She returned to the Royal Greenwich Observatory as a volunteer during World War I, working there from 1915…


War is the slaughter of human beings, temporarily regarded as enemies, on as large a scale as possible. Jeanette Rankin image from


Fashion on the Ration: 1940s Street Style | Imperial War Museums


Tragic story of Gerda Taro brought to life in new book

Gerda Taro (1910–1937) was a pioneering photojournalist whose brief career consisted almost exclusively of dramatic photographs from the front lines of the Spanish Civil War. Her photographs were widely reproduced in the French leftist press, and incorporated the dynamic camera angles of New Vision photographyas well as a physical and emotional closeness to her subject. Taro worked alongside Robert Capa, who was her photographic as well as romantic partner, and the two collaborated closely.


Considering that she's the single most-decorated female soldier in world military history, a grizzled seven-year veteran of three wars fought across two continents, a two-time recipient of her country's highest award for military bravery, and a poor farm girl who single-handedly captured at least fifty enemy combatants and two enemy trenches during her career, there's not a whole lot of digital ink on the Internet dedicated to Sergeant Milunka Savic …


Dolores Huerta is an advocate for children and workers and co-founder of the United Farm Workers.Huerta stepped down from the UFW in 1999, but she continues to her work to improve the lives of workers, immigrants and women.


Alwilda was a Scandinavian pirate woman who accosted shipping from the North Sea to the coast of Spain with her ship crewed entirely by women. She might have been considered one of the most successful pirates in history had she not fallen in love with her persuer Prince Alf of Denmark. Her career as a pirate ended when they married.


James Barry was, in fact, a woman disguised as man in order to study medicine. In 1809 was admitted to Edinburgh University. After graduation, was assigned to various British colonies where noted for "his" care & struggle to improve the standard of life of patients. Died in 1865, after 46 years working as an army medical officer. Was then when her real identity, MARGARET ANN BULKLEY, was discovered. Among her many achievements she was the first British surgeon to perform a successful…


Marion Mahoney Griffin drew all those renderings for Frank Lloyd Wright buildings that you love. Oh and she was also the first female architect to be licensed in America