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El Salvador Travel Guide: Top 10 Places to Visit

El Salvador may be the smallest country in Central America but it sure has the biggest heart - from volcanoes to villages & beaches to mountains, find out what to see & do in this friendly little nation! While there aren't any outstanding sights, there are still loads of awesome places worth visiting. If you’re planning a trip through Central America, don’t hesitate to visit El Salvador – check out our ultimate travel guide for the top 15 places to visit!


Where my parents were born, El Salvador, is my favorite vacation spot. The first time I went there I would never forget.


Why Travel to El Salvador

Street Food El Salvador Central America . A week of exploring El Salvador, it's a great little country!


Chalchuapa, El Salvador.

Chorros de la Calera, Juayua, El Salvador: one of the swimming holes with the jump


Pupusas (El Salvadorian Grilled Cheese)

Pupusas ~ little pockets of happiness ~ grilled cheese El Salvador style. LOVED my mission!!!!!!!


Backpacking El Salvador On A Budget

The ultimate guide to Backpacking El Salvador on a Budget.


Traveling El Salvador in seven days reveals a destination more travelers need to…

El Salvador is a Tropical Area influenced by Tropic zone location 2 seasons.Dry(november- April) Wet(May - October) #BastienGchr