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Italian prisoners in El Alamein, November 1942.

A soldier inspects an Italian M13/40 tank that was knocked out near El Alamein. 11 July 1942 [via]

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A camel stands in the midst of wrecked vehicles from the Battle of El Alamein [via]

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A Panzer III tank crewman surrenders to an advancing Brittish soldier during the Battle of El Alamein, 1942. Un réservoir crewman Panzer III se rend à un soldat britannique avançant au cours de la bataille d'El Alamein 1942.

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Veterans Gather For 70th Anniversary Of El Alamein (PICTURES)

El Alamein WWII Royal Artillery

El Alamein - a mine explodes

Dawn of El Alamein Battle, tanks waiting to advance.

Second Battle of El Alamein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Grant and Lee tanks of ‘C’ Squadron, 4th (Queen’s Own) Hussars, 2nd Armoured Brigade, El Alamein position, Egypt, 7 July 1942.

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“If going much further please take one..” Typical ‘Aussie’ humour is reflected in this sign erected on the El Alamein road by Australian troops, 14 September 1942.

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