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Ecriture Tatouage Simulation

from Forbes

PTCVoice: Could Virtual Reality Be The Next Big Thing In Education?

Virtual reality. When we hear these words, we may immediately think of computer or video games, however it may go so much further...


"there will come soft rains..." - Ray Bradbury: 1950s comics' illustrated man - Imprint -


Hineno-style Kabuto. Edo period (18th-19th century) A red-lacquered five-plate Hineno-style zunari (head-shaped) kabuto, five-tier shikoro of itazane lacquered red in simulation of wrinkled leather, small fukigaeshi, the maedate (forecrest) of gilt wood in the form of a long-horned demonic shishi

from Slate Magazine

Tuesday’s New York Times Crossword Has a “Hateful” 31 Down. Why So Clueless?

The New York Times crossword puzzle is like an elderly uncle: lovable and fun but prone to sounding out of touch. Sometimes that fustiness is charming, ...