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Dunkleosteus, one of the most intimidating fish ever. From the Devonian Era, known to all fish lovers as the Golden Age. Note the teeny-tiny human figure swimming underneath.


Atteigant de 8 à 10 mètres et pesant jusqu'à 5 tonnes, le Placoderme Dunkleosteus était le plus grand prédateur de son temps.


Dunkleosteus, an ancient primitive fish with markings like an orca in this depiction

4Shell and Spinner W-6 | by dunkleosteus_ldd


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SOFVI EXPO Sunguts Honpo dunkleosteus GALAXY BLACK Ver. Rare Limited F/S #SungutsHonpo

Concept design of a creature based on a dunkleosteus fish. Original character from Bruno Kopte (