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Nintendo 3DS XL Skin - Silk Road

Nintendo 3DS XL Skin - Silk Road by Debra Valencia | DecalGirl

Bravely Default (Nintendo 3DS) (045496742652) Square enix s highly-acclaimed fantasy rpg brings deep, strategic combat to the nintendo 3-Ds system in an ambitious game that bolsters its turn-based combat with a compelling new risk/reward system rpg fans will obsess over. Explore luxendarc as tiz and other memorable characters on a visually stunning quest to restore balance to the world. hand-drawn 3-D backgrounds and a rousing score bring luxendarc to life. Enter a brave new world of ...

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Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo 3DS) (045496741723) Platforming with serious depth! With the 3-D visuals of super mario 3-D land, players can see exactly where floating? Blocks and flying paragoombas are, so that they can jump and stomp with the precision of the pros. Expert gamers will appreciate the way 3-D graphics reveal the true challenge of the levels, so that they can focus on nailing the perfect jump or shaving precious seconds off their speed runs, while new players will find that…

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Nintendo 3DS XL Woah! Technology is 3-d yo! xD Has to be pretty immersive, with legit headphones and a suave copy of Ocarina of Time... :P

Nintendo’s New Zelda and Upgraded 3DS Made Me Love 3-D Again

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Take your gaming and educational experience into the next dimension with the Nintendo 3DS. Using advanced technology, 3DS is capable of creating 3-D effects without the use of glasses or other accessories. Full backward compatible with existing Nintendo DS games, the 3DS allows users to experience their games and content like never before. Learning will never be as fun and as easy then on the 3DS. Make history and stories come alive with vibrant 3-D worlds.

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The new 3-D Nintendo 3DS! I want one soooo bad

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The 3DS XL, shown here, went on sale this summer for about $200; it has larger screens and longer battery life. One innovative feature of these players is the way they allow game characters to appear in real-world settings as seen through the 3-D camera.

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POKEMON Y (Nintendo 3DS) (045496742508) When pok�mon fans begin their thrilling 3-D adventure in pok�mon x or pok�mon y this october, they will be transported into an entirely new region called kalos. A mysterious place that is shaped like a star, kalos is a region where players will encounter beautiful forests, thriving cities, and many never before seen pok�mon. o the cowardly pok�mon helioptile, a normal and electric type pok�mon, can generate enough electricity through sunbathing to ...

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Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS) (045496741747) The newest installment of the fan-favorite mario kart franchise brings mushroom kingdom racing fun into glorious 3-D. For the first time, drivers explore new competitive kart possibilities, such as soaring through the skies or plunging to the depths of the sea. New courses, strategic new abilities and customizable karts bring the racing excitement to new heights.