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Sore Shoulder Treatment: Relieve the Pain With 5 Stretches

Sore shoulders can be a right pain, excuse the pun. Most of the common causes of shoulder pain can be easily alleviated using simple stretches and flexibility exercises, such as the 5 outlined here.


Piriformis Back and Hip Pain Exercise…Actually Done Right | Get To Your Core!


right side upper back pain treatment how to cure joint pain naturally Without surgery how to cure joint pain naturally Without surgery Click Here : 5 Ways Your Core Protects Your Joints When I tell people that if they want to relieve their joint pain even totally end that pain they must strengthen their core they look at me like I have two heads. After all its their knees or their hips that hurt. Right? Totally makes sense but its not true. And as someone who retired from the NBA at 25 with no…

levator scapulae stretch -

Homeopathic Chelidonium is a great liver and gall bladder remedy. It helps with expelling and preventing gall stones. It is especially useful when there is a constant pain under inferior angle of right scapula.

right side upper back pain treatment

T4 or upper thoracic syndrome image

chin to armpit (levator scapula) This stretch is similar to the ear to shoulder stretch, the difference is the way you tilt your head. Tilt your head like your trying to sniff your armpit. Use the arm on that side to help gently add pressure to increase the intensity of the stretch. This stretches the muscles that run right into the base of your skull. Hold 30 seconds, repeat 2-3 times per day.