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25/07/1934 : Assassinat du chancelier autrichien Engelbert Dollfuss par des nazis autrichiens

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Kurt von Schuschnigg (1897 – 1977) was Chancellor of the First Austrian Republic, following the assassination of his predecessor, Dollfuss, in July 1934, until Nazi Germany’s annexing of Austria, (Anschluss), in March 1938. He was opposed to Hitler’s ambitions to absorb Austria into the Third Reich. After his efforts to keep Austria independent had failed he resigned his office -- eventually interned in various concentration camps.

Alwine Dollfuss Widow of the Austrian Chancellor is escorted by Kurt Alois Schuschnigg following the assassination of his predecessor Engelbert...

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Germany invaded Poland 1939. Britain and France were soon at war with Germany. This is the WWll

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Dollfuss, lay in agony for seven hours, during which time the Nazis refused to bring him either a doctor or a priest. The chancellor who spared not even his own life in the combat against the evil rampant in Europe breathed his last praying God to his. The news reached Mussolini at Cesena, where he was examining the plans for a psychiatric hospitaland he mobilized a part of the Italian army on the Austrian border and threatened Hitler with war in the event of a German invasion of Austria