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Comment s'habiller quand on est garçon d’honneur ? -

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47 photographies lourdes de sens qui vont vous bouleverser

Christian Golczynski, âgé de 8 ans, accepte le drapeau américain qui lui est remis en l’honneur de son père, le sergent Marc Golczynski. Ce dernier a été tué lors d’une patrouille durant son second service en Irak seulement quelques semaines avant son retour chez lui.

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"When YOU WANT TO LIE MAKE IT A BIG LIE, THE BIGGER AND MORE UNBELIEVABLE THE BETTER." ~ Adolf Hitler. YOU IMITATE HITLER WELL! Hitler repudiated Christianity like Nietzsche the first author of Supermen. He killed his closest friends (GAY) to get the German Army to back his rule. HE WAS AN OCCULTIST, a SPIRITUALIST; A defunct childhood alter boy. He tortured and killed Christians and Jews, because they called him immoral. Suicide or genocide are horrible sins. Live with it


...These are the heroes who helped end a war..." --Ronald Reagan to WWII veterans

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The Great Slang Debate: 107 Regional Slang Words To Know

The Great Slang Debate: 107 Regional Slang Words To Know Depending on where we were raised, our pronunciation and even definition of certain words can differ drastically. Thankfully, there’s an answer to the great slang debate: 107 regional slang words to know.


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MYSTERY Unit - Smart Board, Worksheets, Unit Plans

This is one of my favorite units to teach! I create a puzzle with a clue for each group. After the group has earned all of the puzzle pieces by doing activities or worksheets, they can tape them together and fill out a search warrant to try to find their treasure piece. A small little prize to share or another puzzle piece may await them in the correct location. Rated 4.0 - This is a BEST-SELLER! On SALE for $8.00!

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Maid Of Honor Wedding Checklist

SO Helpful!! Pin for later! @Rebecca Martinez get me the names and i'll be ready!! (:


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