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This Squirrel’s Brave Directorial Debut Will Inspire You

Aaaaaaahhh, kakvooo jeeee :D

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Here Are the Half-Size Day Planner Printables

Half-Size Daily Planner printable in Raspberry - Scattered Squirrel

ADHD and Marriagedotcom is for adults with ADHD and their partners. Explores the ADHD effect on marriage and family life in direct and helpful ways. Includes a forum and weekly tips through email.


The net is full of nuts, right? #twitter #socialmedia #funnies Social Media Funnies

the real question is what was the hair dye on? <<< no, the question is what did it look like to freak him out so much


Nerdtastic! A working google interface that emulates an old-school direct-dial BBS! Brings back memories!