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The diet of Limusaurus switching from carnivore to herbivore as this dinosaur grew up.

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Eoraptors (along with Herrerasaurus) are oldest known dinosaurs that come from Argentina. They are from triassic period (early Mesozoic era) 228myo. They were carnivorous dinosaurs, but its front jaw teeth suggest this animal came from earliest sauropodomorphs and have nothing to do with the progressive theropod like Herresaurus.

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Draw Dinovember 2016 Day 28 Qianzhousaurus by on @DeviantArt

Draw Dinovember 2016 Day 30 Rugops by on @DeviantArt

«Dinosaures story»

Allosaurus - Rare squelette complet, long de 10,12 mètres, d'allosaure, dinosaure carnivore provenant du Wyoming, Etats-Unis. © Sotheby’s/ArtDigital Studio

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Ligabueino, Early Cretaceous Patagonia, ?Noasaurid Abelisaur - Tim Bradley – Paleo Art

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Gigadino - Les dinosaures carnivores

Le plus grand dinosaure carnivore : Tyrannosaurus rex ou Spinosaurus ? - Page 5

Siats meekerorum, un dinosaure carnivore aussi redoutable que le T.rex

Des paléontologues ont révélé avoir identifié une nouvelle espèce de dinosaures carnivores

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