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126 - Les fruits : les agrumes et les fruits à noyau 1/3

10 - (The image has nothing to do with the page!) It's a free resource site on German morphology. With categories such as Inflection (declension and conjugation), Word Formation (compounding, word formation with prefixes and suffixes), German Spelling Reform, the site includes specialized dictionaries for German Orthography, Inflection, Word Formation, and Morphology as well as the German-English Translation Dictionary LEO.


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Woerterbuch fuer Technische Berufe (deutsch-englisch-Uebersetzer)

5 best free dictionary appsl earning german - the online service with the popular German-English, -French, -Spanish, -Italian, -Chinese, -Russian, -Portuguese and -Polish dictionaries, as well as oodles of links to fun and useful sites.

pronunciation | 'vit-szel-zUkt\ #condition, definitions, facetious, funnyman, german, idk is hard guys, will be better next time, witzelsucht, words, puns, humor,


Leo Dictionary - english and french - great tool


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