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Dictionnaire Allemand Leo

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Italian english visual bilingual dictionary

Italian english visual bilingual dictionary by ismael04 - issuu


5 best free dictionary appsl earning german

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German Shepherd Art Print ' K9 Rex' Police Dog beautifully upcycled vintage dictionary page book art print



Woerterbuch fuer Technische Berufe (deutsch-englisch-Uebersetzer)

German-English Dictonary Site See also

1 - (The image has nothing to do with the page!) It's a free resource site on German morphology. With categories such as Inflection (declension and conjugation), Word Formation (compounding, word formation with prefixes and suffixes), German Spelling Reform, the site includes specialized dictionaries for German Orthography, Inflection, Word Formation, and Morphology as well as the German-English Translation Dictionary LEO.


englisch Technisches Woerterbuch Mechatronik kann mehr als online uebersetzer LEO


Ein Online-Wörterbuch. Es ist sehr bequem und hilfreich. Die Wörter von Leo sind korrekter als diese von Google.