10 Lifehacks for Geriatric Nursing Care #nursebuff #lifehacks #geriartic #nurse

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Who do you see first

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10 Tips for Surviving the First Week as a New Nurse (as told by a new nurse)

Hematopoietic Stem Cells. Erythrocyte. Lymphocyte. Granulocytes. Monocytes. Myeloid Stem Cells. Lymphoid Stem Cells.

Red Blood Cell Production. Anemia. EPO

LIT AS FVCK | @yeezyjunkie

Eat 4 Your Blood Type...

Antitissuves, Expectorants, Mucolytics

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“If it ends with a vowel it comes from the bowel!”

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I wish I had this chart when I was learning the 12 nerves, haha :D

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