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David Plouffe

à partir de Washington Post

Is Clinton in trouble? The architect of the Obama coalition explains why it’s still hers to lose.

This interview with David Plouffe is worth paying attention to.

à partir de Washington Post

Obama’s campaign guru: Don’t fret about polls. Clinton is winning, and she can finish the job tonight.

David Plouffe challenges the conventional wisdom.

David Plouffe: Hillary Clinton Still Has 100% Chance Of A Win | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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à partir de the Guardian

Clinton aides claim Obama photo wasn't intended as a smear

Clinton aides claim Obama photo wasn't intended as a smear 2/25/16 Barack Obama's campaign team today accused Hillary Clinton's beleaguered staff of mounting a desperate dirty tricks operation by circulating a picture of him in African dress, feeding into false claims on US websites that he is a Muslim. Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, described it as "the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we've seen from either party in this election"...The Obama campaign has repeatedly…

à partir de Washington Post

The New York Times just made it harder for Hillary Clinton to explain away the Clinton Foundation

Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said Sunday on “Meet the Press”: “I think there's legitimate questions about the Clinton Foundation.” (Plouffe was quick to clarify that he thinks the foundation does good work and should not be shut down, though.)

David Plouffe: Trump Is the ‘Heaviest’ Presidential Candidate Since Taft

Apparently, pretty much everyone I know is a bed-wetter.The term gained currency in politics in January 2010 when Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe, in a Washington Post opinion piece titled “November doesn’t need to be a nightmare for Democrats,” gave this advice to his party: “No bed-wetting.” “Instead of fearing what may happen,” he wrote, “let’s fight like hell.” Continue reading

Bradley Tusk Hemant Taneja and Ted Ullyot are talking policy at Disrupt SF Its a question every major startup has to answer eventually: What do you do when the regulators come knocking? The answer varies depending on who you ask for Uber the solution used to be holding firm and butting heads with regulators butin more recent years the ride-sharing company turned to former Obama advisor David Plouffe to fight its battles. Airbnb fought back against regulation in its hometown of San…

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