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David Bowie Star

ohh-youprettythings: Everything in my life seems perfect in the moment when I look at this photo.

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Les plus belles photos de Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve et David Bowie en 1986.

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photo noir et blanc : David Bowie, musicien UK

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I was devastated when I heard that David Bowie died on January 10th 2016. It hit me so hard, my heart was so heavy, I couldn't stop crying. Now when I look up to the night sky, I think he is one of those stars shining bright and I'll never forget him. <3

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Manofmusic :: Photos sur David Bowie

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« David Bowie Is » : 5 raisons d’aller voir l’expo

La Philharmonie de Paris accueille jusqu’au 31 mai prochain, « David Bowie Is », une rétrospective qui plonge les visiteurs au sein du processus de création de cet artiste aux mille visages.

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David Bowie...Marilyn Manson WISHES he could be Bowie!

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What we all wanted our boyfriends to look like. THAT was never gonna happen! // David Bowie outside BBC Television Centre in 1965.

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David Bowie est mort

Agé de 69 ans, David Bowie, cet artiste chanteur aux milles visages, est mort dimanche 10 janvier 2016 ! Qu'il repose en paix !

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David Bowie, 1973. Plus

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