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Date Probable D Accouchement

Enceinte ? Début de grossesse ? Calculer votre date d'accouchement ( ou date de…

très chouette, probablement le plan que nous préférons à date

[TA Deals] Stream live video from this drone for just $74! Drones are expensive to start but throw in live video streaming and youre probably going to face a massive price tag. Thats why you should be excited to see the Axis VIDIUS drone onTalk Android Deals. This is a drone capable of streaming live video to Android and iOS devices over a WiFi connection using the official VIDIUS Drone app and you can fly it and stream for less than $100. Usually a drone like this would cost hundreds of…

@craftiest_place_on_earth said it so much better than I could have I am just going to share her post. PLEASE READ #Repost Hi everyone! I know several other shops are dealing with shipping headaches too so I just wanted to put this PSA/friendly reminder out there! . While most items are arriving as expected there are items that are arriving well past their expected delivery dates - and there is no rhyme or reason to it! Unfortunately once we drop your order off at the post office it is…


St Justin, Pewter Protection Bind Rune Pendant. The use of bind runes is ancient, probably arising almost simultaneously with the use of runes as an alphabet. Essentially, a bind rune is a symbol composed of several runes overlaid, one on top of another, to form a single character. The protection bind rune. The splayed hand of Algiz is warding off adverse force and combines with Sowulo the lifeforce, enabling the wearer to generate inner strength. Width: 29mm Height: 24mm Thong length…

Probably one of my favorites from the @cirquecolors #metacollection is Ghost in the Machine #multichrome #brushporn #cirquecolors #notd #igers #fall #nails #nailpolish #nailart #style #fashion #npa #levernis #nailswag #nailsofig #ignails #instadaily #instagood #ignation #love #nailaddict #lacquer #beauty #instanails #nailstagram by ressa_d

Mets 7 Braves 2: Mets and Bartolo Colon Wait Out a Rain Delay and Swamp the Braves

The WalkCar is like a MacBook-sized hoverboard - CNET Enlarge Image Cocoa Need to get somewhere and dont want to use your legs like a sucker? Move over Hoverboard Walkcars got this. The WalkCar is a laptop-sized transporter similar to the Segway as youll use body control to operate the powerful yet compact platform. Tilt left and itll turn left tilt right and itll turn right and so on. If you lose…

Simple budget shoe hacks infographic

Simple budget shoe hacks infographic

Shoe Hacks that will make your feet smile

Shoe Hacks that will make your feet smile