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I don't like when people want to "induce" labor after like three days... Come on give your baby some time my midwives said to at least wait a full week after your due date before even considering inducing...

La Cour Royale Suedoise: La dernière visite officielle avant le bebe


Faire part de naissance. Mois de décembre.


Romance after Baby, tips for new parents

How to Keep the Romance Alive After Baby. Date and romance ideas for you and your partner. Click to read more!


Any body emailing for bookings - sorry if you don't get a reply straight away ! the shop is closed until the 3rd . Also any body who does want to book in, just letting you know - I go on maternity leave mid April :) so book in soon maybe - there's still some spots late late feb - April and maybe one of two weekends left. ❤️ thank you (also aiming to not have heaps of time of for maternity leave but not making bookings until i know exact dates )


A fun activity to do with your class before you go on maternity leave. Students guess your due date, baby name, and give you some tips/advice on babies! I got the cutest responses from my 4th graders! I then posted all of their due date guesses in my room on a calendar.

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Staff Mediation - We have substantial experience in this area and possess the skill and patience to carry out the 5 key steps required to facilitate a successful mediation process (preparation, introduction, hearing the issues. problem solving and building & writing the agreement).

Daily Mom - great website for moms! :)

17 Habits of Very Happy Moms

The Pros and Cons of Circumcising Your Baby Boy