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Dark Matter Streaming

Prisoners (2013)

Prisoners de Denis Villeneuve Hugh Jackman Jake Gyllenhaal Un film sombre, filmé de manière intelligente et très réaliste. Des acteurs impressionnants. Une intrigue fascinante.. N: 9/10



Dark matter clumps may have punched through star stream - Two mysterious holes spotted in a stream of stars orbiting the Milky Way could be due to dark matter bullets - and could help reveal its true nature

Is Earth really surrounded by 'hairy' dark matter?

When streams of dark matter interact with planets like Earth, dense hairlike filaments form, according to new research.


Dark matter 'hairs' may grow out of Earth

Astronomers think dark matter forms fine-grained but incredibly long streams throughout the universe.

Dark Matter 'Hairs' May Surround Earth

This artist%u2019s illustration shows dark matter %u201Chairs%u201D surrounding Earth.

Dark matter may have been detected – streaming from the sun’s core

Dark matter may have been detected – streaming from the sun’s core #science #space


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A model of the Sagittarius Star Stream, torn by the Milky Way's tides from a dwarf galaxy during an earlier pass-by. The stream loops twice around the Milky Way — some of it trailing the dwarf galaxy, some preceding it. The motions of its stars betray the presence of dark matter. David R. Law / UCLA - See more at: