5.) My location of my dream job, is in a dark city where justice hasn't even touched even the edge of the city. I would travel at night throughout the city to look for situations in which would needs me to protect the innocent and take down the unjustice. This picture signifies the town in which unjustice feeds off, where cops don't bother on, but where I would interefere in

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The aesthetics of a typical cyberpunk city, displayed in Ghost in the Shell. It is dark and gloomy with pops of neon lights. #iml295_week7

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Daret, Capitale, Ombre

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M. Main, M. Mur, M. Livre et M. Pluie

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There's a place down at the end of the way. Travel at dark, you won't find it at…

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foggy view

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Cmment if you are interested in my new Super Hero RP Board! You make an OC, no other hero worlds exist. Even if you are not interested, give me feedback on the possibility of matchmaker with the superheroes or no? Thanks all!

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Underpass, art numérique par Atomhawk #digitalart #cyberpunk #environment #FredericCla

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Amateurs de science-fiction voici un artiste que vous devriez particulièrement aimer. Nous vous en avions parlé en 2010 mais nous ne résistons pas à l’envie de partager avec vous les dernières illustrations de Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe. Villes futuristes, vaisseaux spatiaux et batailles inter-galactiques répondent tous présents dans les oeuvres de l’illustrateur allemand basé à Berlin. […]

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