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baby covered in kisses, so cute! make it a family photo by adding the dad holding the baby with a kiss on his cheek with the mom holding the lipstick :)

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« La danse est une cage où l’on apprend l’oiseau. » Claude Nougaro

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This is Eryll!1Lunas Daughter...eactulie adopted daughter....No more sadness soooo....LETS GO ON!!! :3 Name:Eryll Nickname:Ellie Mom:Luna Dad://// Info:Daughter of Luna,She was found in a box under SCC with another Filly Named Merida (coming Soon)wich celestia addopted The Fillys weur best friends before and after Erylls Parents abandoned her,Do Merida wouldnt leave her so she left HER parents.The Princesses found them while they weur patroling around Ponyville.Eryll is…

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Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly Seeing Their Younger Selves

#Portraits that touch the Heart ~ "Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly Seeing Their Younger Selves" ~ via Petapixel #Photography @

Sometimes that's the moment you realize once more that you'll never meet again in this life: my brother, i miss you!

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Top 10 Things Every New Dad Should Know

Advice for dads-to-be that’s more useful than anything else they’ll hear. Period.

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Elle écrit à Google pour que son père puisse avoir congé

Une petite fille a écrit au patron de son père pour qu’il puisse prendre un jour de congé à l’occasion de son anniversaire. L’employeur lui a répondu.