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The Urinary Tract anatomy poster

The Urinary Tract anatomy poster illustrates the female genitourinary system, acute pyelonephritis, cystitis and urinary stones.

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The Urinary Tract Poster

UROGNITARY - The Urinary Tract Anatomy Poster depicts the kidneys, urinary tract and routes of infection in the urinary tract. This anatomy poster illustrates the genitourinary system, acute pyelonephritis, edema, ureter cystitis and urinary stones for both males and females.


Eight Righteous Herbal Fromula Treats Urinary Tract Problems and Cystitis in Dogs, Cats and Horses. Eight Righteous is an herbal blend specially formulated with herbs specifically chosen to work synergistically to relieve the symptoms of acute cystitis, acute urinary tract inflammation, frequent urination and hemorrhage in urine while at the same time addressing the underlying causes of these symptoms.

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Bellflower Root - Jie Geng

Pyrrosia lingua, also called Tongue Fern or Shi Wei in Pinyin, is a less commonly used Chinese herb. And the leaves are its main medicinal part. It's main medicinal uses are characterized as inducing diuresis for treating stranguria and clearing heat for stanching bleeding. Today it is often used to treat acute and chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, urinary stones, bronchial asthma, lung-heat induced cough, and so on.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Uncomplicated Cystitis - American Family…

Emphysematous cystitis: Abdominal plain x-ray obtained w patient upright demonstrates gas within bladder lumen+ some subtle circumlinear streaks of increased radiolucency representing air in expected location of urinary bladder. Emphysematous cystitis-rare form of acute inflammation of bladder mucosa+ underlying musculature. Clinical symptoms of dysuria, increased urinary frequency,+ hema­turia are common. Presence of pneumaturia is rare, although more specific, clinical finding.