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My Favorite (Natural) Ways to Control Aphids in My Vegetable Garden!

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Uncle Dank's Gumbo


Pour 5 Personnes kaldou (sauce au poisson ) Temps de préparation : 1 heure Temps de cuisson : 1 heure Ingrédients : 500 g de riz gros grain 3 daurades 4 oignons 2 tomates fraîches 1 gousse d'ail 1 kandja (gombo) jus de citrons 5 c. à soupe d'huile 2 cubes maggi 2 poignées de feuilles d'oseille piment sel, poivre


Saint Joseph's Day Zeppole

Saint Joseph's Day zeppole recipe. Cream puff shells filled with a vanilla custard cream, dusted with confectioners' sugar, and topped with cherries.


Brazilian-style chicken with okra Chef Curtis Stone. This is so good!

Bake is a type of fried bread that can be eaten with almost anything, jams, jellies, corned beef/mutton, saltfish, even vegetable dishes such as sauteed okra or tomato choka. Saltfish is known to many different cultures under different names. Hispanics know it as bacalao, Trinis know it as buljol, Americans know it as salted cod. Nonetheless, the end product is the same, flaked fish cooked up with lovely onions, peppers and possibly tomatoes.


Pastelon de Berenjena y Queso Recipe (Eggplant & Cheese Casserole)

Pastelon berenjenas y queso (eggplant and cheese casserole): This Dominican dish is not only creative but also great for vegetarians.


Ree's Classic Hot Wings Recipe Video : Food Network

The Pioneer Woman The Big Game Highlight Videos: Food Network -


Pan de Elote (Mexican corn bread)

Mexican corn bread is very different from your typical American corn bread. It's a wet mixture that has very little flour and instead of sugar- sweetened condensed milk. I believe anything that calls for a can of sweetened condensed milk MUST be good. I first tried this bread on one of my first trips to Monterrey, Mexico. It was at a roadside stand and they were selling sheets of the stuff for practically nothing. Hope you enjoy this bread this summer as corn is at its peak!"