Critique de la réponse des lecteurs

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reader response criticism and resources

In Bill Gates’ vision of the classrooms of the future, students are grouped according to skill set. One cluster huddles around a computer terminal, playing an educational game or working on a simulator. Another works with a human teacher getting direct instruction, while another gets a digital lesson delivered from their teacher’s avatar.

What is Reader Response?-- In this video, the instructor discusses reader response criticism. He also talks about paying attention to how the text invites a response.

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This site is more concise of the point of view and perspectives in a story. Very reliable and resourceful. It was writing by a college English professor at Brock University.

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Welcome to Teaching That Makes Sense! TONS of great resources!

This 18-slide powerpoint is an introduction to seven popular modes of literary criticism: reader-response, biographical-historical, formalist, femi...

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This is a 13-page introduction to teaching literary criticism. Included are: Teacher Notes on literary criticism definitions, definitions for key terms relative to Reader-Response and Feminist Criticism, Questions students can use as guiding principals, a Feminist Criticism Exercise, and a quiz to determine predisposed students' positions regarding Reader-Response theory.

Reader Response Criticism

Reader Response Criticism - YouTube

Modes of Literary Criticism: This printable list quickly and easily describes eleven of the methods of literary criticism, including feminism, reader-response, subjective, and structural criticism. These are definitions only, meant to be a quick and easy guide for literary novices to criticism. Grades 6-12. $

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