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nice Must-See Hair short cut Ideas in 2016 // #2016 #Hair #Ideas #MustSee #Short

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The Best Beauty Looks From New York: Spring 2015

The Look: Sumo-Knots, Gold Lids, and Red Lips How-To: The inspiration behind the glamorous and gravity-defying hair at Carolina Herrera came from an unlikely source: Japanese sumo wrestlers. "It's a sleek, sculptural style I call the sumo-knot," said hairstylist Orlando Pita. He began by pulling straightened hair into a tight ponytail and folding it in half to form an off-center looped bun. Then he pinned a hair extension (which had been sprayed with hairspray, flat-ironed, and cut at a…

50 Best Hairstyle Secrets

Try a fun bun! Moving a messy bun from the back of your head to the side instantly upgrades your whole look. Mist dry hair with spray gel to give it some hold. Next, brush all your hair to one side, pile it in one hand, and twist until it folds up into a chignon. Slide in bobby pins. Discover other ways to style a long, layered cut. -

If you don't have a epicanthic eye fold like I do, I would extend the liner in the inner corner of the eyes for a more elongated look :)

Scheme of Things Taupe Long Sleeve Dress

A day of full-fledged relaxation could be even better if spent in the Scheme of Things Taupe Long Sleeve Dress! Taupe knit fabric, with a cool waffle texture, shapes a folding turtleneck. Wide-cut bodice is finished with tapered long sleeves and ends at a relaxed-fitting hem.

A head of long, flowing hair on his shoulders, the double-fold eyelid eyes flashing for men for several; Getting our frame covered with a layer of light makeup look, eye shadow, just the water red lips sexy and seductive

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You can also create a “cut crease,” which fakes a higher fold on your eyelid. Basically, “cutting” the crease with eyeshadow can transform any hooded lid into this makeup masterpiece.

origami folds on Jessica Alba C Magazine

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Another common suggestion is to "blow out" the crease. But what does this mean?? This simply means bringing your crease color up to the level I mapped out in the last slide. On the left, I have blown my crease color up over the fold; on the right, I have left the crease color in just the socket of my eye, or what would traditionally be the crease for someone with non-hooded eyes.

Here is something I havent tried...starting the contour above the fold...might work for hooded eyes like mine.

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