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Un nid de Pâques en papier

Fil de fer et papier de soie mêlés à de jolies idées et un peu d'huile de coude, se transforment en ravissant nid de Pâques !

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"LAMBEAUX" par Nicolas BOILLOT (Fluate sur Tumblr, 25/02/2013) Traduction par Medomai de la première page d'un site sur l'intelligence musicale artificielle : " Emily Howell est un programme d'ordinateur créé par le professeur David Cope, professeur à...

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Rencontre Copé-Fillon pour mettre en musique leur traité de paix

Scarlett Johansson dans Lost in Translation

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Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn - Ulule

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This book represents an intriguing area of both basic and clinical investigation. Modern imaging and diagnostic strategies have facilitated the rapid treatment, and potential reversal of these clinical disorders. The fusion of laboratory and clinical knowledge serve as an example of how research can translate to successful treatment. These data will be of interest to neurologists, internists, nutritionists, biochemists, and many others with interest in thiamine deficiency.

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Tesseract.js Brings Image OCR Translation to Browsers

Tesseract.js Brings Image OCR Translation to Browsers Design

Cover of second in the Betty & Cat Dutch/English series. These books are NOT translated, because I believe kids can cope very well without!

A new concept in bilingual books for kids: the books are NOT translated, but read the way today's kids talk. Betty shares her thoughts with the reader in English, and Cat shares his in Spanish. For kids aged 4 to 9.

Act accordingly ~ Chatral Rinpoche There’s no real happiness among any of the six classes, But if we consider the sufferings of the three lower realms, Then, when you feel upset just by hearing about them, How will you possibly cope when you experience them directly? Even the happiness and pleasures of the three upper realms Are just like fine food that’s been laced with poison— Enjoyable at first, but in the long run a cause of ruin. What’s more, all…