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Chinese Pig Skin Trunk on Stand | From a unique collection of antique and modern coffee and cocktail tables at

Dogs & Jackals was played not only in Egypt. Here's an example from Tel Megiddo. (

Collection (or Singles) of Glass Beakers on Stands ca. 1890 | From a unique collection of antique and modern scientific instruments at

Autry Trail

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1730-1740 Italian (Sicily)."Surrounded by the deep blue, lapis lazuli background of the gold frame, the silver Virgin Mary, crowned as Queen of Heaven, projects from the background in an elegant swirl of drapery. She stands on a globe, symbol of her dominion with Christ....Under her feet she tramples a snake, understood as a sign of the Immaculate Conception."

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Wood Tiled Nightstand from west elm

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le présentoir orné de quatre médaillons représentant des pintades, des chevreuils, des canards et des lièvres, le bord appliqué de deux cartouches de gibier et poissons, le couvercle orné de quatre médaillons avec un trophée de chasse et un de pêche, un avec un putto jouant avec un chien et un oiseau, l'autre, un héron et un poisson, la prise du couvercle en forme de hure de sanglier, canard et dinde Cette pièce, appelée "casserole sur réchaud" lors de la conception par Charles-Nicolas ...

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ca. 1100 BCE Sanxingdui culture bronze head wearing a gold foil mask, western China (Sichuan Province). This remarkable culture upends the log-standing set-in-stone belief that all Chinese culture started out from the same area around the Yellow River in Southern China. 黄金面罩

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Drinking Horn of Count Ulrich IX. Montfort-Tettnang in dragon form | Cornelius Large | to 1560/1570

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Antique lace Bikini by Point Conception Swimwear.

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