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[1988] Robocop (Data East / Ocean) | RoboCop was licenced by UK-based Ocean Software at the script stage, so (fairly uniquely for the time) the 1988 run & gun and beat 'em up hybrid arcade game developed and published by Data East and Nihon Bussan,was licensed from a computer game company rather than the other way around. This is why the arcade game bears a licence credit for Ocean. [wiki:]

He left the United States in 1913 and headed to Belgium, where he established the Armes Automatique Lewis company in Liège to facilitate commercial production of the gun. Lewis had been working closely with British arms manufacturer The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA) in an effort to overcome some of the production difficulties of the weapon. The Belgians bought a small number of Lewises in 1913, using the .303 British round, and in 1914, BSA purchased a licence to manufacture


Soldier firing Lewis Gun


U.S. Army Pfc. Kharon L. Mitchell, left, a combat engineer with the 3rd Platoon, 66th Engineer Company, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, and Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) Staff Sgt. Ichiro Umemoto establish perimeter security during improvised expl self defense moves


1957: Eleanor Roosevelt’s pistol licence. Because she insisted on driving her own car without a guard, getting a pistol was her compromise with the Secret Service.

Australian Commonwealth Aircraft Company (CAC) Avon Sabre. Licence built improved version of the North American F-86F Sabre for the RAAF.Using the British Rolls Royce Avon RA7 axial flow jet engine of 7500 lb thrust. The aircraft was noticeably faster in climb and top speed than the US version. To fit this engine the fuselage had to be deepened and modifications to the tail design. The armament was changed from the US 6 x .50 cal machine guns to 2 x 30mm Aden cannons.

400 US mercenaries 'deployed on ground' in Ukraine military op -

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US firm claims to have made first 3D-printed metal gun

US firm claims to have made first 3D-printed metal gun: Company says it is legal because it has a Federal Firearms Licence (The Telegraph 09 November 2013)