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Update: It has gotten real for K-entertainment in China! Here is the full translation. Don't take without crediting. On Friday the 18 Weibo exposer "Satellite TV birth" leaked the Korean ban orders they received to greatly increase the ban....a doubtful Jiangsu TV reporter insider gave a snapshot and notified Jiangsu TV station all stations are not allowed to have Korean celebrities endorse any CFs the reporter learned of this through an industry insider. This includes CCTV and other…

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Quiz: What's Your Birth Order Personality?

Are you a youngest child who acts like an oldest?

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Acts of God — NOT! #1: Christianity vs. Man’s Religion

Acts of God — Not! #1 — Christianity vs. Man’s Religion. This is a series dedicated to refuting the erroneous concept that God visits sickness, disaster, and death upon His children in order to teach them something. In this first article, we contrast between Christianity and man's religion.

SO ACCURATE! :D I'm proud to be the middle child. :P Middle-born kids are the most difficult to pin down, because while they are guaranteed to be opposite of their older sibling, that difference can manifest in many ways. Middle kids will usually develop skills and interests different from those shared by the family, and prioritize friends and peer groups since they often feel they do not have a special place within the family. Middle children often feel that they receive the least…

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Coarsegold, CA

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