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SEAT OF THE GODDESS Mari of Magdala Ancient Queen;Great Mother of the line of Magdalene Priestesses- A secret line of female teachings. Teachings about the Cosmic laws of Life, As learned and understood through love, and death; Profound lessons that Mari’s initiate-King had to pass through, Before he could rise from the ashes of the sacred colombarium; From where the Spirit-dove guided his ascension Into the world of Light ...And flight and Heavenly Seeing.

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Les dernières heures de la banque à papa

REUTERS/ROBERT GALBRAITH : Bureau de vote dans un colombarium à San Francisco.


The building is a colombarium,and is a bit off the beaten path. The design of the building can be characterized as contain...

Painted frieze from a small mausoleum (colombarium) near Porta Maggione. The mausoleum was owned by the family of T. Statilius Taurus, an aristocrat close to the emperor Augustus. Dated ca. 25-1 BC.