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Natural amber teething necklaces help baby with their first little teeth.

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Fossilized Dinosaur Tooth. carcharodontosaurus--with serrations

Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklace Free Form Cognac Color Beads

I really want one of these. My little girl is ALWAYS cutting teeth. I'm willing to try anything!

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Wire Wrapped Amber Pendant. Amber is excellent for reducing anxiety, alleviating depression, and dealing with pain of all forms. It also has long been used to help ease teething discomfort for infants. Simply hold a piece of Amber to the site of pain; for infants, create a necklace for the child to wear while cutting teeth. Amber also helps connect to the wisdom and guidance of ancestors and is a wonderful link to Mother Nature. To see if you have a genuine piece of Amber, place it under a…

£227.43 Interesting in the form silver pendant with amber and zirconium hanged on silk cord. amber dimensions 5x2 cm, 76 cm length of rope. Zirconia 10 mm. MPZ23 Length: 50.00 cm Diameter: 7.50 cm Weight: 59.40 g

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Dental insurance in Ohio can be both affordable and high-quality. There are many major companies that offer low-cost dental coverage for both adults and children. Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare are the best choices for most individuals and families. Preventive benefits (Routine visits and x-rays) are typically covered at or near 100%. Major items, such as root canal and extractions are also covered. #DentalPlansOhio

25 Things Not To Do With Your Baby

One mom's confessions...

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mommy && daughter.

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Innocence pondering

Smile ..... A young tibetan in traditional costume hold a guitar | © Chris Christidis

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