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Reprenant les codes du steampunk et du non-sense de Terri GILLIAM époque Monty Python, l’imagerie ressemble plus à un Douanier ROUSSEAU sous acide qu’à du Monnet propret. C’est foutraque, délirant, extrêmement inventif et ma foi très beau visuellement :

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la patère pince à bottes The Beak - LAPADD code douanier: 73231000 25,5€ dimensions: tube Ø 9mm L60mm dimensions pince : 25x22x80mm

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solutions à scratch pour organiser les câbles - LAPADD code douanier: 4802.2090 9€ les 10 guides câbles et 9€ les 5 étiquettes de câbles.

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bloque-câbles CableDrop de Bluelounge® - LAPADD code douanier: 3926.1000 12€ les 6 bloques cables

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Customs Service seize 640 bags of smuggled rice with duty paid value of over N6.5m (ohotos)

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Your body is made of the same elements that lionesses are built from. Your DNA translates into the same twenty amino acids that wolf genes code for. When you look in the mirror and feel weak, remember, the air you breathe in fuels forest fires capable of destroying everything they touch. On the days you feel ugly, remember: diamonds are only carbon. You are so much more. ~ Looking in the Mirror by Curtis Ballard & Albert Henry Collings Art: "Dream" by Henri Rosseau

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Boy on the Rocks I - Henri Rousseau All-Over Print Tank Top Tank Tops

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