Learning In Wonderland: Customized Behavior Clip Charts - She can make it for me!

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Clip Chart

I have always loved having a clip chart in my classroom because it helps me focus on positive behaviors while encouraging students to revise their negative behaviors. This year, I am taking my clip chart further with Growth Mindset terminology. This clip chart allows me the opportunity to encourage positive behaviors, perseverance, and leadership skills. I have included six different chevron colors.

Retro classroom decor, just print and go! Alphabet posters, number chart, birthday chart, calendar posters, number line, behavior clip chart and more!

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Learning in Wonderland: Create your own clip chart and watch your classroom behavior transform! Send home notes that praise good behavior!

After many requests, here it is! An editable version of the chevron design behavior clip chart. Also, I have added two levels above green for going above and beyond and being a superstar! Enjoy!

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Cute! Behavior Management Supplemental Packet for Clip Chart |

Character Clip Chart / Positive Clip Chart Alternative: Clippin' for Character


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These data sheets are for teachers who use a clip chart and clip chart calendars to manage classroom behavior. They will give your students the opportunity to analyze and reflect on their classroom behavior. At the end of each month, students can use their behavior calendars to color in the bar graph to represent the colors on their calendar. Once they have colored in their bar graph, they can analyze their data, using one of the 6 response sheets.

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