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Riding Exercise #7: Touch & Rub Exercise Goal: To be able to bend the horse’s head and disengage his hindquarters 360 degrees when you apply very light pressure to his flank area with your thumb. The horse should not pull against the rein while he is moving his feet. More about the exercise:


Sugar with Ruby's Clinton Anderson's training halter

Advanced horsemanship is nothing more than having better basics. - Clinton

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Riding Exercise #1: Flex With the Bridle on the Ground Goal: Before I mount, I’ll always flex the horse a few times on both sides with the bridle to make sure he’s soft and paying attention. If he’s stiff and resistant on the ground, he won’t be any better under saddle. More about the exercise:

Teach your colt to accept the feel of a saddle in motion to avoid getting bucked off later.

Your frustration begins where your knowledge ends. -Clinton Anderson