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Claude Joseph Vernet

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"The Port of La Rochelle", 1762, by Joseph Vernet. On the right, two different types of coasters are represented. One of them is a low, slender 'racing' Morbihan chasse-marée specialized in the fast transport of fresh sardine to Nantes, La Rochelle and Bordeaux. Great financial and nautical risks are taken to bring the fish in good condition and to be the first on the market. Crews are reputed as the toughest sailors of the Atlantic coast and nicknamed "risque-tout", especially the…


Claude-Joseph Vernet, Morning: A Port in the Mist Fishermen Hauling in Their Boat, 1751 Claude-Joseph Vernet (14 Aug. 1714 - Paris, 3 Dec. 1789) - one of the leading French landscape painters of his period, particularly celebrated for his paintings of ...