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32 images hilarantes de personnes prenant des poses loufoques dans l’attraction Splash Mountain de Disney World

WOW! Ive been using this new weight loss product sponsored by Pinterest! It worked for me and I didnt even change my diet! I lost like 26 pounds,Check out the image to see the website, funny


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Idaho Republican backs faith-healer parents: ‘If I want to let my child be with God, why is that wrong?’ Okaaaaay. So. Let me get this straight. It's not okay to use certain forms of birth control, or get abortions, but it is ok to let a living child die from a treatable or preventable death? It's ok to tell other women what to do, but whacky faith-healing types can do what they want? M'kay. Got it.

Wow this guy lies even more than Romney flip flops. Is that even possible?

Rand Paul Challenges Obama: “Call Me If Any of Your Reforms Would Have Saved Those Kids at Sandy Hook”