#8 confiance en soi

Always believe in yourself, trust that inner intuition, don't fight it, let you be guided by lif itself, don't be afraid.

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wall quotes wall decals - "Believe there is good in the world" - WallsNeedLove

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THAILAND – LAND OF THE FREE: - Thailand – the name means land of the free or free living. If you have ever been to Thailand then you will still be able to picture the white sandy beaches, remember the fantastic cuisine and visualise the smiling faces of the friendly people. Originally a favourite with backpackers Thailand has in recent years transformed itself into a luxury holiday destination with something for everybody.

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How many things have changed ever since you were born? The list is most likely endless. And that's exactly how life is supposed to be. We are in constant change. Nothing absolutely no living creature in this world has been created to be static. You haven't been born to remain the same until the day you leave this world. So why have you been so afraid of changes lately? Maybe what scares you the most is the process through which you are changed but not the change itself. You must remember…

Wallace Stevens said, "the most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself." With that notion, get out there, go soak up the wondrous sights being offered to us.

Darling Magazine - The Art of Being a Woman

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What's Your Goal as a Parent?

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Worrying will throw you off your game. To say not to worry is an unrealistic request, but when you've put your all in your confidence will speak for itself. So be confident in your ability, but be aware of those there to distract you. Your enemy's biggest worry is you, so don't fall into their trap. Stay focused and remember whatever is thrown at you you've prepared for it. Your success is your enemies biggest fear.

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It may be difficult to face but the truth is that oftentimes your attitude is much more important than the problem itself. No matter how 'perfect' your life is or how great the day there will always be (small) problems to tackle but if you keep a positive attitude you will conquer them and allow yourself to enjoy your life in the process instead of being dragged down by them. Just remember that nothing is that big of a problem until you start to overthink it and let it well up inside until…

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