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This Girl Used Blood and Gore to Teach Us Something Inspirational This Halloween

After a 400 lb boulder fell on her foot when she was a child, reddit user ChutneyRain was required to have an amputation below the knee just over a month ago. While most of us would have been depressed or overwhelmed, ChutneyRain rolled with the punches and got into the Halloween spirit instead. With the help of her mother and a suitably twisted sense of humor, ChutneyRain organized a gloriously gory photoshoot which revolved around her seemingly hacking her own leg off with a kitchen knife.

“Quant à moi, maintenant, j'ai fermé mon âme. Je ne dis plus à personne ce que je crois, ce que je pense et ce que j'aime. Me sachant condamné à l'horrible solitude, je regarde les choses, sans jamais émettre mon avis.

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Dark photo manipulations by Giorgia Napoletano



Birthday Zombie Brain Cake - This was a red velvet cake that I made for my 22nd Zombie themed birthday party this year. I hollowed out the middle and filled it with raspberry preserves (which is what is leaking out the back of the brain). I made a greyish marshmallow fondant to create the brain's squiggles and then painted on corn syrup and food coloring to get the different colors and wet look... everybody was kind of grossed out, but loved it!

woodsmokeandpumpkins: "Twisted Kids:  Children of the Pumpkin" by SubversiveGirlArt

Wow, thats really impressive (30 Photos)

L'idée ridicule de ne plus jamais te revoir - Rosa Montero

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