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tina tuner | Tina Turner aime les vins de Cahors

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Ce magnifique loup sauvage d’Alaska a un comportement tout à fait incroyable lorsqu’il approche de ses cousins les chiens… Regardez !

En 2003, dans l’arrière-cour de sa maison à Juneau (au Canada), le photographe Nick Jans et son labrador sont tombés nez à nez avec un loup sauvage d’Alaska.  De 2003 à 2010, Roméo vint s'amuser et échanger avec ses amis. Une médaille est dédiée à sa mémoire et lui rend hommage. Regardez cette belle histoire !


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RECESSION: Nigerian Banks and Companies reduce workers salaries. Nigerian banks are one of the hardest hit in the recession ravaging the country A report by The Punch indicates that Diamond Bank Plc Heritage Bank Plc Zenith Bank Plc First Bank Plc and Wema Bank Plc have all reduced their workers salaries as of August 31. While Diamond Bank and Heritage Bank were said to have slashed salaries by 30 per cent First Bank and Wema Bank reportedly slashed workers salaries were by 20 per cent…

This is my ongoing story of escaping abuse and the aftermath of getting on with our lives. Please share this to inspire or educate others about abuse! I share my own personal story to put a face to Domestic Violence. I could be your Mother, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Cousin or just someone you meet on the street. Please help me bring light to this dark subject. Thank you! Hope when there was none: Flat and over 100,000 views!


A4983716 - URGENT - L.A. COUNTY ANIMAL CARE CONTROL: CARSON SHELTER in Gardena, CA - Baby Female Domestic SH


DONNIE - A1088855 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 09/12/16*** SECOND CHANCE FOR DARLING DONNIE!! …DONNIE IS PERFECTLY HEALTHY BUT THE ACC WILL STILL KILL HIM BECAUSE THEY CAN……Yes killing healthy adoptable pets is what it seems the ACC does best. DONNIE is only 2 years old and healthy. The only thing he had wrong with him is some flea bites. On his assessment he allowed most petting and loved chin rubs. But he didn’t like his back touched so –


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