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Les monstres ne se cachent pas sous votre lit mais dans votre tête.


Passé composé vs. imparfait

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15 choses que les introvertis ne vous diront jamais

Les introvertis ont beaucoup de choses à porter sur leurs épaules en étant introvertis. Le monde entier ne semble voir que par les extravertis.

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Kurt Vonnegut quote hand typed on antique typewriter scrapbooking

Listen: we are here on Earth to fart around. Dont let anybody tell you any different. Kurt Vonnegut Inimitably pithy and full of pathos, pretty much any Vonnegut quote would make it onto my wall! This quote is hand-typed on an antique (1912) Remington, New York typewriter. Each one is completely original, with lettering imperfections being the biggest part of the charm of this piece. Frame it, scrapbook it, give it to a friend or family or lover - make someones day! Ships worldwide! BUY…

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How Do I Find Thankfulness and Joy When I’m Running on Empty

How Do I Find Thankfulness and Joy When I'm Running on Empty? Messes, problems and trying circumstances can put us in a foul mood for the holidays. Being around family, different schedules and stressful situations can make us ask why? We can find joy and thankfulness during these times.


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“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Author: Marilyn Monroe

Let's build ourselves up. Let's support eachother. Let's love eachother. Let's show complete acceptance. Let's send eachother the best wishes and agree to disagree when we just can't see the same way. Let's rally around eachother in times of need. Let's bring about change; beginning with us setting an example. Let's be the most amazing yet imperfect, brilliant and shining, loving and diverse group of living beings to walk the earth. Let's be inspiring. Let's be inspired. Let's be the…